SMART BAY Santa Teresa Project

Lerici Municipality, Scuola di Mare, Cooperativa di Mitilicoltori Associati with ENEACNR-ISMAR and INGV collaborate for regenerating and making Santa Teresa a carbon neutral bay


Gulf of Poets, Lerici and the vicinity with the port of La Spezia: a unique ecosystem to be discovered and studied!

S. Teresa Bay, maintaining a strong naturale character despite the vicinity with the port of La Spezia, hosts precious coastal ecosystems whose knowledge and conservation are of pivotal for a sustainable future. Such ecosystems provide ecosystem services such as food provisioning, climate regulation, air and water purification, recreational and cultural services, thus contributing to climate change adaptation

To comprehend the ecosystem functioning and related changes through time, it is necessary to conduct high resolution monitoring and long term observations in the environment. This will allow to acquire big amount of data (big data) for describing and understating the on going changes and building strategies for sustainable management.

In order to protect this peculiar Bay, Smart Bay Santa Teresa– a natural laboratory for research, technology, sustainable tourism and mollusk farming – has been set up. ENEA, CNR e INGV, Comune di Lerici, Scuola di Mare S. Teresa and Cooperativa Mitilicoltori Associati, with the contributes of all users of the Bay, aim to make the Bay an ecosystem model where Nature, man and technologies interact, creating sustainable solutions to fight the climate change.

Smart Bay Santa Teresa collaborates with public and private entities aiming to develop projects  on research, technologies, management, training, dissemination whose objective is the development of sustainable actions for marine and terrestrial environment.

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