Observing, measuring and quantifying the change occurring in the ocean is one of the global challenge with the highest priority (UNESCO Agenda 2030). The extension, diversity and depths characterizing the ocean and its ecosystems, most of them still unexplored, as well as the use expensive technological devices for ocean monitoring are limiting factors in ocean data acquisition. Thus, cooperation among research, high technology sectors and sustainable ocean users is a priority for implementing BIG data acquisition in the ocean.

Sailing&Research4Seas is an example of common project linking sport- sailing- with research and technology with the overall aim to implement the acquisition of physics chemical data in the ocean across the world. Based on the collaboration between the sailor Giovanni Soldini and his Orca srl and Smart Bay S. Teresa, the high-tech core of the project is the multi-parametric monitoring system OceanPack – RACE, produced by subCtech. The system is installed on the trimaran Maserati Multi70, lead by Giovanni Soldini, and it acquires physics chemical data such as temperature, salinity, oxygen and pCO2 (sampling depth: 1 m) along the route. Acquired data are validated and analyzed by Smart Bay Santa Teresa research institutes performing the data quality check by using in situ high resolution instruments and Smart Bay S. Teresa underwater monitoring network and analytic measurements.

S&R4Seas ultimate objectives are data sharing within the scientific community and the dissemination of the status of the occurring ocean change to the general public. Ocean protection starts from its monitoring and only the cooperation among sectors will allow to acquire BIG data and thus identifying sustainable solutions for the ocean and our future.

Figure. Intensity maps of temperature (°C), salinity (PSU) and CO2 concentration (ppm) acquired along Maserati Multi70 route in June 2022. Sampling depth: 1m, number of measurement stations: 95970; sampling rate in operating conditions: 1 data every 10 s.

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