Scuola di Mare in collaboration with Verdeacqua ( and WWF Travel ( hosts summer campus “Young marine biologists”. About twenty children have the opportunity to learn how to ‘live the sea’ in a sustainable way, by sailing and doing snorkelling, in harmony with the surrounding nature.

Being part of Smart Bay community, the young marine biologists will contribute to reduce the carbon footprint on the bay by selective removal of the waste from the natural environment through weekly Clean Walk. In addition, the children have the opportunity to discuss the impact the plastic in causing to the ocean (degradability, species impacted by plastic…) in a playful way, around a game.

Finally, young marine biologists will take active part to a ‘restoration project’ by creating substrates based on re-using oysters shells from the local shell farming, normally treated as waste, thus contributing to regenerate the marine biodiversity of the bay.

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